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Diamond Education

Diamonds are priced on their attributes. Learn more about :


Brilliant Cut

The classic image of a diamond. It is quite simply the best cut for diamonds and tends to be the most popular.


This perfectly symmetrical shape will give the illusion of a larger diamond, as the shape has a larger surface area than a brilliant cut diamond with a similar weight.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a relatively new cut, square shaped with a seldom rectangular version.

Emerald Cut

It's shape is rectangular with cut corners, the crystal clear view this cut has to offer, allows for any inclusions to be more pronounced.

Heart Shaped

The symbol of love and romance. This cut is especially rare and sought after. The quality of the shape depends on the skill of the cutter. Fewer diamonds are cut this shape due to the complexity of the design.

Pear Shaped

The pear shape has the same number of facets as a brilliant cut (58). This is also known as a tear drop.


This is an elongated shape with pointed ends.

Asscher Cut

A square version of the emerald cut.

Radiant Cut

This can either be a square or rectangle cut and includes 70 facets.

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